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Puppetfile validation

Quickly see validation errors in your Puppetfile, such as duplicate module definitions.

When puppet.validate.resolvePuppetfiles is enabled, the validation will also include:

  • Module dependencies will be evaluated to make sure that the versions are correct and that the dependencies can actually be resolved.

  • The modules listed in the Puppetfile will also be validated that they are supported for the Puppet version being used by the extension. You can change the Puppet version using the Change Puppet version feature.


Note: The first time you open a Puppetfile, or add a module to a Puppetfile, validation may take longer than usual. This is expected for Puppet Forge modules that have many releases, such as the Stdlib module

The extended validation uses the Puppetfile-Resolver project and has some caveats. Please see the Known Issues of Puppetfile-Resolver project more information